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BILBO BAGGINS Replica Contract

£ 38.99

Our Bilbo Baggins replica contract is a must have prop from the Hobbit movie release measuring at a massive 167cm in length and 30cm wide (approx.). Bilbo’s deed of contract, signed by him and drawn up by the dwarves, would have a team of lawyers scratching their heads. This beautiful and highly detailed Hobbit replica is crafted from the finest materials.


The Hobbit Replica Fighting Knives of Legolas Greenleaf


Officially licensed Hobbit replica fighting knives of Legolas Greenleaf, these reproductions are scale1/1 from The Hobbit movies. These knives measure...

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Hobbit Map of Middle Earth


Plot your very own journey through middle earth with this Hobbit Map, follow Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves journey there and back again on this lovin...

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Bilbo's Mirkwood Cell Key


A 7.5” replica of the key stolen by Bilbo to free the Dwarves from their Elven captors

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Hobbit Bilbos STING Sword Prop Replica


Created by the Elves as a large knife, it worked perfectly for a Hobbit as a sword. The beautiful, faithful reproduction of Sting would work almost as...

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The Hobbit Thorin Key Necklace


As featured in the latest Hobbit movies this official Thorin Oakenshield key pendant is ideal for cosplay and an affordable addition to any Thorin cos...

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