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BILBO BAGGINS Replica Contract

£ 38.99

Our Bilbo Baggins replica contract is a must have prop from the Hobbit movie release measuring at a massive 167cm in length and 30cm wide (approx.). Bilbo’s deed of contract, signed by him and drawn up by the dwarves, would have a team of lawyers scratching their heads. This beautiful and highly detailed Hobbit replica is crafted from the finest materials.


Hobbit Bofur Dwarf Statue


Bofur the Dwarf is represented in this statue form from Weta. Bofur binds the Company of Thorin together through hardship and ill weather with his smi...

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The Hobbit One Ring Replica


From the Hobbit movie comes this One Ring replica is from before it was placed in Bilbo's fire at the Shire so is the version without inscription. Thi...

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The Hobbit Stein Smaug from Sideshow Collectibles


Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the outstanding collectible steins by Taverncraft(TM). First in the series of hand-crafted old-world steins bas...

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Kili the Dwarf Statue


Weta bring us this fantastic statue of Kili the dwarf now available in the UK for a limited time only. Kili is the youngest nephew of Thorin Oakenshie...

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Smaug Costume Necklace


A base metal pendant of the dragon Smaug, inspired by the drawing seen on Thorin's Map to Erebor. Comes on a 12 inch chain.

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