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BILBO BAGGINS Replica Contract

£ 38.99

Our Bilbo Baggins replica contract is a must have prop from the Hobbit movie release measuring at a massive 167cm in length and 30cm wide (approx.). Bilbo’s deed of contract, signed by him and drawn up by the dwarves, would have a team of lawyers scratching their heads. This beautiful and highly detailed Hobbit replica is crafted from the finest materials.


Lord of the Rings Narsil Sword Replica


Another of our fantastic prop replica swords from the Hobbit movie is the Glamdring sword, the weapon found and used by Gandalf in his journey to the ...

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Hobbit Framed Film Cell


This official Hobbit framed film cell contains clips of the actual film, 3 images portraying the movie and a stunning descriptive plaque. These elemen...

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Hobbit One Ring Entwined Necklace


New for 2013 is this Hobbit one ring entwined necklace featuring both silver and gold rings in this fantastic necklace format. The Hobbit necklace...

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Furry Adventure Hobbit Slippers


What do being a furry adventurer and telecommuting have in common? Breakfast, that´s what! You wake up, pour yourself a cup of coffee and start the d...

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Hobbit Legolas POP Vinyl Figure


A highly collectable piece of Hobbit memorabilia, our Legolas POP vinyl figure comes in a displayable window packaging and stands approx. 10 cm tall.

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