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BILBO BAGGINS Replica Contract

£ 38.99

Our Bilbo Baggins replica contract is a must have prop from the Hobbit movie release measuring at a massive 167cm in length and 30cm wide (approx.). Bilbo’s deed of contract, signed by him and drawn up by the dwarves, would have a team of lawyers scratching their heads. This beautiful and highly detailed Hobbit replica is crafted from the finest materials.


Hobbit Tauriel Bow and Arrow Replica


Official Hobbit Tauriel's Bow and Arrow replica from the latest Tolkien movie. A Silvan Elf and daughter of Mirkwood, Tauriel is a favorite of King Th...

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Deluxe Hobbit Gift Hamper


Our deluxe Hobbit gift hamper comes complete with Bilbo pipe, the one ring, film cell, contract and pen and bookmark set. We have pulled this luxur...

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Morgul Blade Letter Opener Hobbit Prop Replica


From our range of official Hobbit prop replicas comes this poisonous blade of the Nazgul recreated as a letter opener in a wooden collectors presentat...

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ONE RING Stainless Steel


We are proud to offer our new anodized stainless steel One Rings in a variety colours. Each ring features a laser etched ring rhyme and comes in a met...

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The Hobbit Thorin Oakenshield POP Figure


The king of the dwarfs Thorin Oakenshield is now available in this highly collectable POP vinyl figure format. The Thorin POP figure comes in a displa...

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