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Hobbit Bilbos STING Sword Prop Replica

£ 119.99 - £109.99

Created by the Elves as a large knife, it worked perfectly for a Hobbit as a sword. The beautiful, faithful reproduction of Sting would work almost as well against the giant spiders of Mirkwood as the mythical blade itself. Crafted in stainless steel, this Sting replica comes with a intricately designed stainless steel wall mounting.

Over 18's only! this item is not a toy but a Hobbit movie prop replica


ELROND'S Gold Ring (council)


Worn by Elrond in the meeting of the White Council, this beautifully reproduced replica is cast in sterling silver, is gold plated ring and comes in a...

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Lord of the Rings Elvish Script Keychain


Carry a small momento of Middle-Earth in your pocket with this metal Elvish Script keychain, engraved with the Ring Rhyme.

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Hobbit Toy Figures Grinnah Figure


From the highly anticipated movie release of the year ´The Hobbit´ comes this Thorin figure. This Grinnah toy action figure stands at 10 cm tall and...

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Hobbit Feet


Complete the Hobbit look with these Hobbit feet, the perfect accessory for any Bilbo Baggins or Frodo costume. Ideal for movie themed fancy dress p...

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Mirkwood Cell Key Hobbit Pendant


The key, stolen by Bilbo to free his dwarven companions from the elves of Mirkwood. Measuring 1.5" and crafted in sterling silver with an 18" sterling...

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