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Hobbit Bilbos STING Sword Prop Replica

£ 119.99 - £109.99

Created by the Elves as a large knife, it worked perfectly for a Hobbit as a sword. The beautiful, faithful reproduction of Sting would work almost as well against the giant spiders of Mirkwood as the mythical blade itself. Crafted in stainless steel, this Sting replica comes with a intricately designed stainless steel wall mounting.

Over 18's only! this item is not a toy but a Hobbit movie prop replica


The Headdress of Elrond


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The Hobbit One Ring Replica


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Mirkwood Cell Key Hobbit Pendant


The key, stolen by Bilbo to free his dwarven companions from the elves of Mirkwood. Measuring 1.5" and crafted in sterling silver with an 18" sterling...

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Bilbo's Mirkwood Cell Key


A 7.5” replica of the key stolen by Bilbo to free the Dwarves from their Elven captors

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Hobbit Orcrist Sword Replica


Expertly crafted in stainless steel this replica of the ancient Eleven sword ORCRIST, or “Goblin cleaver” in the ancient tongue, measures a full 9...

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