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Luna Lovegood Wand

£ 27.99 - £24.99

Luna Lovegood Character wand from the Harry Potter movies. Our character Harry Potter wands for sale help you recreate your favourite Harry Potter movie moments with our series of Harry Potter wands. These are authentic recreations of the wands featured in the Harry Potter movies. each of these Harry Potter wands come complete with a character wand case and name clip for display.


Harry Potter Slytherin House Ring


Slytherin House Ring

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Mad Eye Moody Wand in Ollivanders Box


Mad Eye Moody's Wand in Ollivanders Box

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Harry Potter Narcissa Spider Earrings


Narcissa Spider Earrings

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Fleur Delacour Wand


Fleur Delacour's Character Wand

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Draco Malfoy Wand


Draco Malfoy's Character Wand

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