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The Pipe of Gandalf the Grey

£ 69.99 - £64.99

The pipe of Gandalf the Grey allows you to puff away on Longbottom Leaf like a true Istari with this nine inch wooden functional replica of Gandalf's pipe.

An official actual working replica from the Hobbit comes this Gandalf pipe prop replica which comes displayed in a Hobbit branded box. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em!


Glamdring Sword Prop Replica from Noble


Found with Sting and Orcrist in the troll's hoard and nicknamed ‘Beater’ by the goblins of the Misty Mountains, the Elvish blade Glamdring would g...

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Gollum Scaler from The Hobbit


From our range of official Hobbit merchandise comes this Gollum Scaler. This particular piece of memorabilia stands at around 5cm in height, hang your...

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The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies Film Cell Single


Follow the journey of Bilbo Baggins as he fights for his life in this official The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies Film Cell. This piece contains postcar...

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Morgul Blade Letter Opener Hobbit Prop Replica


From our range of official Hobbit prop replicas comes this poisonous blade of the Nazgul recreated as a letter opener in a wooden collectors presentat...

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Thorin Oakenshield Map


A replica of Thorin’s map to the Lonely Mountain mounted on a decorated wood display measuring 14” X 12”

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