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The Pipe of Gandalf the Grey

£ 69.99 - £64.99

The pipe of Gandalf the Grey allows you to puff away on Longbottom Leaf like a true Istari with this nine inch wooden functional replica of Gandalf's pipe.

An official actual working replica from the Hobbit comes this Gandalf pipe prop replica which comes displayed in a Hobbit branded box. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em!


Pipe of Bilbo Baggins


Whether you are a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit collector, a pipe smoker or looking to buy this Hobbit pipe of Bilbo Baggins as a gift we have it covere...

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Hobbit Dwarves Bookend


All the dwarves feature in this highly detailed statue. This is an intricately sculpted, 7” high bookend, showing Thorin surrounded by his twelve Dw...

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Mirkwood Cell Key Hobbit Pendant


The key, stolen by Bilbo to free his dwarven companions from the elves of Mirkwood. Measuring 1.5" and crafted in sterling silver with an 18" sterling...

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Smaug Costume Necklace


A base metal pendant of the dragon Smaug, inspired by the drawing seen on Thorin's Map to Erebor. Comes on a 12 inch chain.

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Tauriel Letter Opener


The Elven Dagger of the Mirkwood elf Tauriel recreated as a letter opener in a wooden collectors presentation box measuring 10” X 3.5”

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