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The Pipe of Gandalf the Grey

£ 69.99 - £64.99

The pipe of Gandalf the Grey allows you to puff away on Longbottom Leaf like a true Istari with this nine inch wooden functional replica of Gandalf's pipe.

An official actual working replica from the Hobbit comes this Gandalf pipe prop replica which comes displayed in a Hobbit branded box. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em!


Gandalf the Grey Statue


Gandalf the fabulous wizard that all Hobbits love especially his fireworks, known by many names to many peoples in many lands, though few could guess ...

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Hobbit Feet


Complete the Hobbit look with these Hobbit feet, the perfect accessory for any Bilbo Baggins or Frodo costume. Ideal for movie themed fancy dress p...

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ONE RING Stainless Steel


We are proud to offer our new anodized stainless steel One Rings in a variety colours. Each ring features a laser etched ring rhyme and comes in a met...

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The Hobbit Thorin Key Necklace


As featured in the latest Hobbit movies this official Thorin Oakenshield key pendant is ideal for cosplay and an affordable addition to any Thorin cos...

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Thranduil Letter Opener Hobbit Movie Replica


The King of Mirkwood’s elven sword recreated as a letter opener in a wooden collectors presentation box measuring 10” X 3.5”

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