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The Pipe of Gandalf the Grey

£ 69.99 - £64.99

The pipe of Gandalf the Grey allows you to puff away on Longbottom Leaf like a true Istari with this nine inch wooden functional replica of Gandalf's pipe.

An official actual working replica from the Hobbit comes this Gandalf pipe prop replica which comes displayed in a Hobbit branded box. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em!


Hobbit Bag End Map Key Holder


This is a fantastic piece of Hobbit memorabilia which would take pride of place in any hall way, garage or Middle Earth themed home. This Bag End plaq...

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Pipe of Bilbo Baggins


Whether you are a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit collector, a pipe smoker or looking to buy this Hobbit pipe of Bilbo Baggins as a gift we have it covere...

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Gollum Scaler from The Hobbit


From our range of official Hobbit merchandise comes this Gollum Scaler. This particular piece of memorabilia stands at around 5cm in height, hang your...

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Mace of Azog The Defiler from the Hobbit


Thorin had thoughts that Azog the defiler was long gone but Azog has returned once more, and his mission is to distroy Thorin Oakenshield and all the ...

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The Hobbit One Ring Key Chain


Here we have Bilbo Baggin's One Ring replica available as a key ring or key chain. Thering features is the plan gold band version as this is the repli...

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