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LOTR Statues & Busts

From Sideshow Collectables to Weta we have a range of statues and busts available to order through our site that we source from across the globe. We can help you turn your living room into a miniture Middle Earth, however big your collection we can help you find those collectables that you can't find anywhere else.
Age Of The Dark Lord Orb
£ 69.99
The sinister armour helmet of the Dark Lord Sauron is recreated in stunning detail. The helmet holds a sphere with the...
Battle of the Wizards Pewter Sculpture
£ 274.99
A striking sculpture of the battle between Gandalf the Grey and Saruman the White. Cast in solid pewter and centered...
Frodo Baggins Funko POP Figure
£ 10.99
We love Tolkien here at The Film Cell and the Hobbit and LOTR's Funkos has to be one of our favourite ranges. This awesome Frodo Baggins POP vinyl is now available from our online store. With more waves being announced grab this one before it gets vaulted.
Gandalf Bronze Statue
£ 299.99
(-16.67%) £ 249.99
This impressive bronze Hobbit statue of Gandalf the Grey features the greatest wizard of Middle Earth & stands an...
Gollum & Smeagol Pewter Bookends
£ 259.99
These exquisite sculpture bookends depict the dual personalities of one of the most complex characters from the Lord of...
Hobbit Smaug Incense Burner
£ 89.99
Possibly the most famous dragon myth and fanstasy movies. Smaug is now available in this finely detailed sculpture...
LOTR Chess Set
£ 449.99
This is a high end collectable piece of Lord of the rings merchandise. The LOTR chess set comes with 32 playing pieces...
My Precious Orb
£ 74.99
The one ring is suspended in the center of the sphere that rests in front of Gollum. Tempting and close ; yet...
Quest for the Ring Orb
£ 74.99
The Ringwraiths ; or Black Riders are the nine Servants of Sauron. Once Kings of Men ; the Ringwraiths ride through...
The Return Of The King 12 Character Package
£ 64.99
The final collection of 12 playing pieces from the third installment of the film trilogy. The Lord of the Rings? are...
The Staff of Saruman Candle Holder
£ 69.99
This solid metal die cast candle holder is inspired from the staff of the wizard Saruman. Stands 10 1/2 inches in...
The Two Towers 12 Character Package
£ 64.99
Revitalize your collection with the new Two Towers chess pieces. 12 miniature sculptures portraying unforgettable...