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LOTR Statues & Busts

From Sideshow Collectables to Weta we have a range of statues and busts available to order through our site that we source from across the globe. We can help you turn your living room into a miniture Middle Earth, however big your collection we can help you find those collectables that you can't find anywhere else.
Age Of The Dark Lord Orb
£ 69.99
The sinister armour helmet of the Dark Lord Sauron is recreated in stunning detail. The helmet holds a sphere with the...
Battle of the Wizards Pewter Sculpture
£ 274.99
A striking sculpture of the battle between Gandalf the Grey and Saruman the White. Cast in solid pewter and centered...
Gandalf Bronze Statue
£ 299.99
(-16.67%) £ 249.99
This impressive bronze Hobbit statue of Gandalf the Grey features the greatest wizard of Middle Earth & stands an...
Gollum & Smeagol Pewter Bookends
£ 259.99
These exquisite sculpture bookends depict the dual personalities of one of the most complex characters from the Lord of...
Hobbit Smaug Incense Burner
£ 89.99
Possibly the most famous dragon myth and fanstasy movies. Smaug is now available in this finely detailed sculpture...
LOTR Chess Set
£ 449.99
This is a high end collectable piece of Lord of the rings merchandise. The LOTR chess set comes with 32 playing pieces...
My Precious Orb
£ 74.99
The one ring is suspended in the center of the sphere that rests in front of Gollum. Tempting and close ; yet...
Quest for the Ring Orb
£ 74.99
The Ringwraiths ; or Black Riders are the nine Servants of Sauron. Once Kings of Men ; the Ringwraiths ride through...
The Return Of The King 12 Character Package
£ 64.99
The final collection of 12 playing pieces from the third installment of the film trilogy. The Lord of the Rings? are...
The Staff of Saruman Candle Holder
£ 69.99
This solid metal die cast candle holder is inspired from the staff of the wizard Saruman. Stands 10 1/2 inches in...
The Two Towers 12 Character Package
£ 64.99
Revitalize your collection with the new Two Towers chess pieces. 12 miniature sculptures portraying unforgettable...