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July 4th 2012

Horror Movie Costume Ideas for Halloween

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We specialise in movie themed fancy dress costumes for adults and this Halloween we have even more choice then ever. We have a whole area of our website devoted to Halloween Costumes for men and women of all sizes. So lets take a look at what we have to offer...

Halloween Chucky Costume from the Movie

First up we have a movie costume from the popular horror movie Chucky, this costume is available as both an adult men’s Chucky costume and a female Chucky costume. If you are looking for a his and hers Halloween costume then this could be the perfect theme for you and your partner.
 Men's Chucky Costume Female Chucky Halloween Costume  Chucky Mask

Ghostbusters Halloween Costume

The Ghostbusters movie was one of the biggest blockbusters to come out of the eighties, now the whole family can dress up in this popular movie costume from the 80’s. Our Men’s Ghostbusters costume comes complete with inflatable proton pack and jumpsuit while our sexy women’s Ghostbusters costume is perfect for Halloween 2012. Even the Children can be part of the Ghostbusters group fancy dress theme with our kids Ghostbusters outfit. Also avaliable for 2012 we have the adult Puft marshmallow man costume and an adult Slimer costume so the whole gang can join in the theme.

Buy Hellraiser movie costumes

We  have a number of different quality Pinhead costumes available from the popular horror movie Hellraiser. If you are looking for scary horror movie costumes this Halloween then you will have to consider this ultra scary costume. We also have the Pinhead mask perfect for giving someone a halloween trick.
Hellraiser Pinhead Costume