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March 2nd 2012

Free Pirate Fancy Dress Party Ideas

Free Pirate Fancy Dress Party Ideas

If you are planning a pirate themed party and are looking for pirate fancy dress ideas to help your event go swimmingly then this guide has been created for you. Whether you are holding an adult pirate party or a kids party if you follow these tips it will be remembered for years to come.


A great way to get everyone one in the mood is to send out an invitation requesting your guest to dress up as a pirate. The great thing about a pirate themed party is you don’t have to spend too much money to achieve that pirate look. There are some fantastic costumes out there to choose from at very affordable prices. We have a huge range of pirate fancy dress costumes for anyone’s budget from our sexy pirate costumes to our Pirate dress.


There are also some fantastic pirate accessories available to help you complete that perfect home made pirate costume. Take a look at our top selling female pirate hat which adds that finishing touch to any outfit. No pirate costume is complete with out a pirate pistol, we even have a pirate parrot ideal for the captain of the ship.


So what can you do to make your pirate invitation special, there are several things depending on how much time you want to spend on this. Do you remember at school when you used a tea bag to make paper look old? This is a great way to make a pirate invitation, if you sprinkle coffee granules onto the paper when it is damp this gives the effect of dark stains. Burn the edge of one side of the paper to make it look real authentic or a safer option for children is to just rip each edge.


You have your paper now you need to think about what to write, why not give each person attending a pirate name with instructions that they will meet other pirates at the party and you must only call them by their pirate names. If you don’t call them by their pirate name there will be a forfeit. This could be to down a shot of rum or talk like a pirate for one minute. Remember to use pirate lingo on the invitations, have a look at the free pirate invitation we have available to download below for ideas.



Free Printable Pirate Invitation


Start collecting those cider and beer glass bottles a few weeks before your party, wash them out and take off all the labels. Create labels in a similar way to the above with the pirates name on each bottle so you know whose glass is whose. You now have some authentic glasses for your pirate party and the best thing is there’s no washing up afterwards. For children you can always use plastic bottles and also remember to get a funnel to help fill your bottle with drink.


Depending on how many guests you have you might need a hand making the food, you could give each pirate a task of making something fit for a pirate king. If you are making the food yourself any normal party buffet food will do as long as it has a pirate name so pineapple on a stick becomes pineapple on a sword or onion bhajie would be spicy cannon balls. Gold chocolate coins also go down well and look great scattered across tables.


A great way to decorate your room is to use pirate flags with skull and crossbones and pirate bunting. We also have pirate skeleton that hang from doorways or ceilings.


There are loads of pirate themed games you can set up for your party, any of the old classics can become pirate themed. E.g. Pin the tail on the donkey now becomes pin the eye patch on the pirate, pin the cross on the treasure map or even pin the flag on the pirate ship.


Pass the Parcel is also a great game and not just for kids parties, but it would be called pass the cannon ball and in between each layer of paper you could add a chocolate coin as pirate treasure.


Team games could include pass the cannon ball, where players from each team line up and pass the black balloon (cannon ball) from person to person using only their knees. When it gets to the last person in the line they then carry the cannon ball between their knees to the front of the line this carries on until all the player from that team have carried the cannon ball to the front the first team to do this are the winners.


Also don’t forget to do a treasure hunt, you can make a map in the same way you made your invites giving clues that take you on a hunt around the house, the buried treasure could be the goody bags.