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4 New TV & Movie Collectables in This Week

This week we have added 4 new collectable pieces of memorabilia to our website, to see additional information on the below please click the picture at the bottom of this article.


First up we have the Star Wars Yoda hand puppet, perfect for recreating your favourite Star Wars moments. You just need to practice the voice and you can create your very own YouTube creations.


Next up we have the Superman muscle t-shirt that is now available for pre-order, stock is due in next month and is proving very popular via pre-orders.


Then we have the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter, this replica makes cutter pizzas less of a hassle and more of must, you'll want to cook pizza every night with the official sound effects that are.


Finally we have the official Hobbit Nori beanie hat that also features the beard of the dwarf. This will be very popular in the winter and make a great Christmas present this year.


Keep checking back to see all our other new movie memorabilia and merchandise and don't forget to follow us on Facebook via the top right corner of this page and save 10% off your order.

Star Wars Yoda Puppet Superman Musclee T-Shirt

Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter Hobbir Nori Beanie Hat & Beard

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