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New Harry Potter Merchandise Make Ideal Christmas Presents for 2014

We have today received images of some new Harry Potter merchandise that will be delivered into our warehouse around the middle of December. There are some great looking pieces so we thought we would give you a bit more detail around them. Firstly letís start with a new piece that has already come into stock over the past few weeks, the Ravenclaw DiademÖ

Ravenclaw Diadem Headdress

This piece is one of the best pieces of Harry Potter merchandise that we have seen released for a while. Just when you think the Hype around Harry Potter was dying down the Noble Collection bring this prop replica out. The Rowena Ravenclaw Diadem comes presented in a nice display box, the crown features the words "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure" etched onto it. Made from quality silver-plated brass with blue and white crystals, this can be worn or displayed. The headdress itself measures at 14 inches in length 5 inches wide and 2 inches high. This would make you best person in the world if you bought this for a Potter fan this Christmas.

Ravenclaw Diadem Replica

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Sign

We have a couple of new signs that we also wanted to showcase in this article, the long awaited platform 9 and 3 quarters sign has finally been produced. This icon sign that has been used in Kingís Cross station in London will now be available for your home. Be it in your Hallway, living room and bedroom or maybe you even have a Harry Potter themed cinema room. Either way this is a must have sign that will be the centrepiece of any collection.

Platform 9 and 3 Quarter replica

Harry Potter Replica Signs

There are two more signs that will also be produced for release in December, firstly we have the Diagon Alley map. This will be mounted on a wooden plaque and features every wizards favourite shops. So you no longer need to guess where Ollivanderís is in relation to Madam Malkinís robe shop as they are all pictured in this highly collectable wall sign. The next sign is the Daily Prophet sign, the logo of the most popular Wizards newspaper is now available to hang on your wall. Both of these plaques will be with us in the middle of December so make sure you pre-order yours today as these will be sold on a first come first served bases.

Diagon Alley Map Daily Prophet Sign

New Harry Potter Prop Replicas

If that wasnít enough of a Harry Potter fix for you, we also have a couple of new prop replicas for you to look at. There is a really nice Basilisk Fang and Tom Riddle Diary statue, the fang can be removed from the diary which is essentially itís display stand. If you are looking to collect replica version of Lord Voldemortís Horcruxes then this will need to be in your collection.

Basilisk Fang & Diary Harry Potter Golden Egg

The next piece of Harry Potter merchandise we have for you is this replica Golden Egg, this stand at 9 inches tall. Unfortunately the egg doesnít open when placed under water but this is hand painted reproduction of the task from the Triwizards tournament as featured in the Goblet of Fire. You can order these great replicas today for deliver in time for Christmas, so get your orders in early to guarantee you receive this in time for Christmas.

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