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Guest Book
denise carter 14 Sep 2016
    I found you through Amazon when I was searching high and low for the GOLD SMAUG by Funko Pop. I saw him straight away as he was the only one there and so I ordered him then and there. Since then I have vowed to search in your site before I use Amazon to see if you have what I want. My Hubby is a Hobbit and Lord of the Rings crazy and loves Dr Who as well so for him the Funko's have become an addiction and as I have a collection of various Funko's which fill an old fashioned cabinet we are keen on collecting more. The hubby is also into the replica weapons and statuettes so for him this is also amazing...... thank you for being our future one stop shop xx
Katie Brown 12 Apr 2016
    Absolutely fantastic service! Everything I've ordered has been perfect.
Fast delivery and great customer service!
Jack Musgrove 22 Jun 2015
    Great service, fast delivery, good selection on items. Can't wait to come back and order more!
Carl Palmer 27 Mar 2015
    Superb service. Excellent product.