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Cyber Man Robot Pumpkin Carving

Another one of our FREE Pumpkin Carving stencils for this Halloween, you will have noticed all the pumpkins arriving in your local supermarkets and garden centres but what are you going to carve into your pumpkin this year? Will you go for a standard scary pumpkin face or something a bit more challenging? This Cyber Man robot pumpkin carving is ideal for Dr Who fans and people looking for a scary robot design, just print out our stencil, stick this to your pumpkin with tape around the edges and cut out the grey areas on the template and you'll be left with a fantasic cut out.


If you like or are planning to use this pumpkin carving stencil please share a link to this page on your social media accounts, blogs and fan sites and let others know where they can download FREE pumpkin carving stencils. Keep checking back as we are adding loads more design this Halloween so don't forget to follow our Halloween countdown


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To Download this Pumpkin Carving Stencil simply click on the picture below:

Dr Who Pumpkin Carving Template


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