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Film Memorabilia
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Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker

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Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker
  • Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker
  • Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker
  • Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker
Join the dark side with your very own Darth Vader bluetooth speaker, this looks awesome and is 100% officially licensed from the Star Wars movies. The detail of this measure 32cm tall and the sound is outstanding with two tweeters and a 10W ported subwoofer inside the Darth Vader helmet. But this is more than an awesome looking speaker the eyes also glow when pairing and once paired the iconbreathing can be heard.

The devise easily pairs with you smartphone and bluetooth devices, just hold your phone next to the speaker and it pairs with NFC. You can also hook up your bluetooth speaker via AUX to your PC or other external audio.

Hands free so ideal for home office, call mutes when an in coming call is received. This speaker has everything you can even charge you phone or tablet with a USB connector whilst listening to your movie sound tracks and music.

It has great functionality for the greatest sound, simply adjust the bass to your taste and sit back an enjoy your music. It is chargable so you can listen to your music via the mains plud which is included or you can charge up C-3PO and listen to your sound tracks with 3-5 hours battery life when charged.

Measures 32cm high by 20cm wide by 25cm length.