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Film Memorabilia
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Han Solo in Carbonite Bust Bank

£ 22.99
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Han Solo in Carbonite Bust BankThis Han Solo in Carbonite money bank measures at around 30 cm tall and made of a highly detailed vinyl material. This recreates Han Solo frozen in carbonite from the movies which feature in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The Money box features a coin slot at the top, vent detailing on each side of the bank, 3D figure of Harrison Ford and floor detail of the freezing chamber on the base!

No wonder Boba Fett got so much for the bounty of Han Solo, he was full of Galactic Credits, Druggats, Peggats, Truguts and Wupiupis (loose change).

We have a range of high quality movie money banks available to buy from box office films such as Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Disney and many more...