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Harry Potter Collectable Wands

With the new Harry Potter Movie comes a new line Harry Potter merchandise. We have added lots of new Harry Potter character Wands from well known charcters such as Arthur Weasley's wand and most of the Weasley family to new characters such as Xenophilius Lovegood's wand and the wand of Grindelwald and are avaliable now.

Harry Potter New Wands

There are now even more character wands to choose from so take a look a the images below. We have some great wand displays to hang up to show off all the wands you have in your collection. If you are looking for a Christmas present this year for a Harry Potter fan then you can't go wrong with one of our Harry Potter Wands.

Harry Potter Wands

More Harry Potter Character Wands

Each and every Harry Potter wand is an authentic recreation of the wands used in the Harry Potter films, each wand is hand painted in fine detail and comes complete with a collectors box and the new collection also feature a name clip. These are highly collectable and once you buy one you will want to collect the whole set

Harry Potter Character Wands UK

Even More New Harry Potter Wands

There are loads more Harry Potter wands available, sign up to our newsletter by clicking the following links to receive up to date info on all our movie merchandise and film fancy dress.

Buy Harry :Potter's Wand

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