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Harry Potter Jewellery

Below you will find our range of Harry Potter jewellery, ideal for movie fans these we have shinies from charm bracelets to necklaces and earrings. These make idea gift ideas for events such as birthdays and Valentines day. Most of these items are available in basic pocket money prices to deluxe version with displlay cases and bags.

Choose from replicas such as the Hermione Granger Time Turner which features in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to our character charm bracelts and charms such as Dobby the House Elf. If you are a Harry Potter fan we will have the perfect item of jewellery for you.
Bellatrix Death Eater Mask Pendant
£ 89.99
A miniature replica of Bellatrix Lestrange's Death Eater mask from Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, this...
Crimes of Grindelwald Pendant
£ 49.99
This is an official Fantatastic Beasts crimes of Grindelwald pendant. The tnecklace can be worn or used for display and comes with an amazing case. This prop replica is silver plated and measures approximately 3 inches in height. Includes a 26 inch chain.
Felix Felicis Pendant and Display
£ 38.99
Felix Felicis, also called "'Liquid Luck'", is a magical potion first introduced during Professor Slughorn's initial...
Harry Potter 9 and 3 Quarters Clip on Charm
£ 43.99
Looking for official Harry Potter jewellery? This charm fits onto our Harry Potter bracelets with style. The clip on...
Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Charms and Bracelet
£ 17.99
This Christmas why not swap your traditional Chocolate Advent Calendar for something that you can keep and wear all...
Harry Potter Charm Bracelet - Sterling Silver
£ 64.99
(-23.08%) £ 49.99
Every woman loves charm bracelets right? Well they just got a whole lot better especially if you are a Harry Potter...
Harry Potter Flying Hedwig Brooch
£ 74.99
The faithful owl of the famous wizard is sculpted in fine detail as a brooch delivering the post. The brooch is cast in...
Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Pin
£ 89.99
Crafted in Sterling silver and selective 24K gold plating. This is a deluxe Hufflepuff House pin.
Harry Potter Knight Bus Charm
£ 49.99
This magical Knight bus from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is now available as a Sterling Silver clip on...
Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Necklace 14 K
£ 249.99
(-28.00%) £ 179.99
An official Harry Potter piece of jewellery. This mark of the famous wizard is exquisitely sculpted in solid 14 karat...
Harry Potter Locket From the Cave Horcrux
£ 49.99
One of the Seven Harry Potter Horcruxes, the Locket From the Cave is a fantastic piece of movie memorabilia and comes...
Harry Potter Love Potion Pendant
£ 38.99
This is a replica version of the Love potion featured in Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, also known as Weasley and Weasley...
Harry Potter Malfoy Snake Brooch
£ 89.99
The brooch of Lusius Malfoy is made from sterling silver and is set with faceted crystal. This piece of Harry Potter...
Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broomstick Charm
£ 43.99
Harry Potter magic broom the Nimbus 2000 is now available as a Sterling Silver clip on charm. These make an ideal gift...
Harry Potter Quidditch Bracelet
£ 129.99
This exquisite piece of Harry Potter jewellery is crafted in sterling silver, each of the golden snitches has been...