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Harry Potter Replicas

In our page of prop replicas you will find all the best and most sort after replicas to feature in the Harry Potter movie series. Have you ever wondered where Dumbledores office can be found in the Mauraders Map or maybe you've always wanted to try and turn back time. Well you can give it a try with our Mauaraders Map replica and Time Turner necklace. However these are just two of many props we have available in our online store and the range of memorabilia just keeps getting bigger and better.
10.5 Inch Niffler Plush Toy
£ 24.99
We have various size Niffler plush toys available and in stock, this is the 10.5 inch version which is super fluffy.
Basilisk Fang and Tom Riddle Diary Sculpture
£ 64.99
This is an official Harry Potter sculpture featuring the Basilisk Fang from the Chamber of Secrets and Tom Riddles...
Bellatrix Mask with wall display
£ 84.99
Official Harry Potter collectable ; recreation of the Mask used by Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter films ; Mask...
Bellatrix Wand Mask Collectors Set
£ 39.99
An authentic recreation of the famous female death eater Bellatrix LeStrange's wand, this is made to look like the prop...
Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
£ 3.49
Dare you taste one of our official Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans? Some of these Every Flavour Beans are tasty jelly...
BuckBeak Collector Plush
£ 37.99
Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, came to be owned by Harry Potter through Sirius Black's will, though Harry allowed him to...
Chocolate Frog Plush Cushion
£ 37.99
This has to be one of our favourite Harry Potter plushies, this Chocolate Frog cushion is amazing. The frog can sit on the top of the cushion as well as being stored inside the cushion and zipped up. This Honeydukes Sweetshop branded cushion measures W36cm x L36cm x H11cm the frog measures approx. W30cm x L21cm x H11cm
Collectable Dobby Plush
£ 37.99
Can you help free Dobby from our warehouse??? This Dobby plush looks great in any Harry Potter collection and feature the House Elf clad in his stylish sacking smock. The plush features posable limbs so Dobby can sit down on your shelf, he can even give you a high 5!!
Cornish Pixie Plush 32cm
£ 19.00
Cornish Pixies can be devilishly tricky little blighters! This one is 32cm tall and comes in plush form.
Crimes of Grindelwald Pendant
£ 49.99
This is an official Fantatastic Beasts crimes of Grindelwald pendant. The tnecklace can be worn or used for display and comes with an amazing case. This prop replica is silver plated and measures approximately 3 inches in height. Includes a 26 inch chain.
Crookshanks Plush Toy
£ 19.99
As part of our adorable Harry Potter plush range of toys comes this super cute Crookshanks plush collectable. Measuring 10" long we have a fluffy plush replica of Hermione's pet Crookshanks, a very intelligent half-Kneazle cat who is often chastised for his distrustful attitude towards Ron's rat Scabbers.

Daily Prophet Wall Plaque
£ 39.99
Another one of our official Harry Potter wall plaques, here we have our Daily Prophet wall sign approved by Warner...
Death Eater Mask Collection
£ 84.99
Complete set of Death Eater masks displayed on a wooden wall display, this fantastic piece of memorabilia features the...
Deluxe Fawkes the Phoenix 12" Plush
£ 37.99
A beautiful plush representation of Dumbledore's animal companion and defender. His tail feathers formed the core of...
Deluxe Harry Potter Gryffindor House Tie
£ 34.99
Harry Potter Hogwarts House replica Gryffindor tie from the Harry Potter movies. Each of our deluxe Harry Potter ties...