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Harry Potter Statues

Take a look through our range of Harry Potter Statues and Ornaments that are highly collectable and sure to impress, you will make your sideboard stand out at dinner parties with one of these fantastic sculptures that in some cases have been hand crafted and painted. Collect all your favourite magical creatures that come in this highly collectable format. from Basalisk bookends to a large scale replica of the Hogwarts castle these are the ultimate Harry Potter collectable ornaments.
Basilisk Bookend Single
£ 34.99
Highly collectable Harry Potter Basilisk bookend now available. A captivating sculpture of the Basilisk serpent as seen...
Basilisk Fang and Tom Riddle Diary Sculpture
£ 64.99
This is an official Harry Potter sculpture featuring the Basilisk Fang from the Chamber of Secrets and Tom Riddles...
Bowtruckle Pickett Magical Creature
£ 29.99
Pickett the Bowtruckle can be found in western England, southern Germany, and certain Scandinavian forests. A...
Buckbeak is a Hippogriff Statue
£ 29.99
From Harry Potter and Prisoner of Askaban comes this fantastic Buckbeak is a Hippogriff statue. A Hippogriff is a...
Dementor Harry Potter Statue
£ 29.99
This official Harry Potter statue featuring a Dementor which is one of the Darkest creatures from the franchise and a...
Demiguise Magical Creature Statue
£ 29.99
The Demiguise is a peaceful, herbivorous creature that can make itself invisible and tell the future which makes it...
Divination Crystal Ball
£ 49.99
A recreation of the Divination Crystal Ball as seen in the movie. Measures 5 inches in height and comes complete with a...
Dobby Bookend
£ 39.99
Looking for that perfect gift for a Harry Potter fanatic? Here we have everybody's favourite House Elf presented in...
Fantastic Beasts Thunderbird Magical Creature
£ 29.99
The Thunderbird is a large, avian creature native to North America, and most commonly found in Arizona in the...
Fawkes the Phoenix Figure
£ 29.99
Fawkes is a phoenix features in a few of the Harry Potter movies saving Harry in the Chamber of Secrets. Fawkes is a...
Fawkes the Phoenix Statue
£ 99.99
A stunning sculpture of Albus Dumbledore's Phoenix perched on his stand as seen in the Harry Potter film series. Fawkes...
Fwooper Magical Creature Statue
£ 29.99
The Fwooper is a magical African bird. Listening to the Fwooper's high pitched, twittering song will drive the listener...
Ginny Weasley Exclusive Quidditch Funko POP
£ 17.99
(-11.12%) £ 15.99
An exclusive Ginny Weasley Funko POP in Quidditch costume, this special edition POP figure is available for a limited time only. Make sure you pick this one up quick to avoid disapointment.

Ginny POP stands at approx 10cm tall.
Golden Snitch Ornament
£ 54.99
This replica of the Snitch which is used in wizard game Quidditch is crafted in die cast metal with Silver and 24K gold...
Gringotts Goblin Statue
£ 29.99
This fantastic piece of Harry Potter memorabilia features one of the Gringotts Goblins sitting at their desk in the...