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Hobbit Jewellery

We have a large range of Hobbit Jewellery available on our website made to look just like the real replicas used in the movies. Some of the items are even made by the same company that made the props used in the making of the movie and are based on their original designs. if you are looking for the One Ring then you have come to the right place, we have a number of different styles availalbe in our UK store for any sized pocket. From our One Ring Necklace at pocket money prices to our supply deluxe 18karat gold versions.

If it's not the One Ring you were looking for then we have loads of other Hobbit jewelry available from our heart of the Lonely Mountain the Arkenstone necklace to Thorin Oakenshields key repllica pendant. If you are looking for someting specific then please drop us an email and we can try to source any other Hobbit memorabilia from our many suppliers across the globe.
Bilbo Baggins Acorn Button Necklace
£ 32.99
As featured in the Hobbit movie Bilbo Baggins acorn button is now available in this fantastic necklace format. This...
Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Cufflinks
£ 44.99
These Hobbit cuff links as worn by Bilbo Baggins in the latest from the Lord of the rings series of books are embossed...
ELROND'S Gold Ring (council)
£ 139.99
Worn by Elrond in the meeting of the White Council, this beautifully reproduced replica is cast in sterling silver, is...
Galadriel Hobbit Flower Earrings
£ 59.99
A perfect match for Galadrielís flower necklace these Galadriel earrings from the Hobbit make the perfect set. These...
Galadriel's Hobbit Necklace
£ 99.99
This Hobbit necklace is inspired by the exquisite Elven workmanship that went into the creation of Galadrielís ring,...
Hobbit Arkenstone Necklace
£ 139.99
Here we are presenting you with an official Hobbit Arkenstone necklace AKA the 'Heart of the Mountain'. This excellent...
Hobbit Costume One Ring Replica
£ 16.99
(-23.54%) £ 12.99
From the Hobbit movie comes this One Ring replica is from before it was placed in Bilbo's fire at the Shire so is the...
Hobbit Galadriel Flower Necklace
£ 79.99
Worthy of a queen of the Elves this beautiful yet simple flower design.The necklace is made of sterling silver and...
Hobbit Galadriel Headdress
£ 149.99
This stunning Hobbit headdress as featured in the latest Hobbit movie is an authentic prop replica of Galadriel's...
Hobbit Galadriel's Brooch
£ 79.99
Our range of Hobbit jewellery makes the ideal gift for any female movie lover. Our silver plated recreation of the...
Hobbit One Ring Entwined Necklace
£ 44.99
New for 2013 is this Hobbit one ring entwined necklace featuring both silver and gold rings in this fantastic necklace...
Hobbit Tauriel Womens Necklace
£ 84.99
Crafted in sterling silver with a cut glass crystal and an 18" sterling silver chain. Comes in a collectors box
King of Mirkwood's Thranduil Brooch
£ 44.99
The King of Mirkwood's brooch measures 5" in width.
Lord of the Rings ONE RING Spinning
£ 64.99
Our new spinning One Rings are also made of anodised stainless steel and feature an outer coloured band that allows the...
Mirkwood Cell Key Hobbit Pendant
£ 64.99
The key, stolen by Bilbo to free his dwarven companions from the elves of Mirkwood. Measuring 1.5" and crafted in...