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Hobbit Replicas

We have a huge range of film replicas from the Hobbit movies including weapons such as Bilbo Baggins Sting sword, Legolas and Tauriels daggers and bow and arrow sets plus many more including Orcrist & Glamdring. We also have a fantastic range of maps, pipes and even the contract signed by Bilbo Baggins.

If you are looking for pocket money replicas for kids we also have keyrings mugs and much more...
Bilbo's Mirkwood Cell Key
£ 24.99
A 7.5” replica of the key stolen by Bilbo to free the Dwarves from their Elven captors
Gandalf the Grey's Illuminating Staff
£ 154.99
This Gandalf the Grey Staff is a full size replica from the Hobbit An Unexpected Journey which is used for various...
Glamdring Sword Prop Replica from Noble
£ 199.99
(-15.00%) £ 169.99
Found with Sting and Orcrist in the troll's hoard and nicknamed ‘Beater’ by the goblins of the Misty Mountains, the...
Hobbit Costume One Ring Replica
£ 16.99
(-23.54%) £ 12.99
From the Hobbit movie comes this One Ring replica is from before it was placed in Bilbo's fire at the Shire so is the...
Hobbit Dwarven Treasure Coin Collection
£ 29.99
This is an authentic prop replica featuring 5 Dwarven treasure coins as guarded by Smaug. Each coin is highly detailed...
Hobbit Galadriel Headdress
£ 149.99
This stunning Hobbit headdress as featured in the latest Hobbit movie is an authentic prop replica of Galadriel's...
Hobbit Key of Thorin Oakenshield Replica
£ 29.99
This is an official 5.5" reproduction of the Hobbit key to the back door of Erebor. The key of Thorin Oakenshield...
Hobbit Map of Middle Earth
£ 39.99
(-12.50%) £ 34.99
Plot your very own journey through middle earth with this Hobbit Map, follow Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves journey...
Hobbit Orcrist Sword Replica
£ 189.99
(-15.79%) £ 159.99
Expertly crafted in stainless steel this replica of the ancient Eleven sword ORCRIST, or “Goblin cleaver” in the...
Hobbit Sauron Gauntlet
£ 399.99
Another of our official Warner Brothers prop replicas. This Hobbit Gauntlet of Sauron is handmade, and fully functional...
Hobbit Sting Sword - Bilbo Baggins Light Up Version
£ 139.99
This official replica of Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Sting Sword is the Illuminating Battle Sword version. The ancient Elven...
Hobbit Tauriel Bow and Arrow Replica
£ 319.99
Official Hobbit Tauriel's Bow and Arrow replica from the latest Tolkien movie. A Silvan Elf and daughter of Mirkwood,...
Kili Hobbit Sword Scaled Replica 72cm
£ 229.99
(-34.78%) £ 149.99
This is a full size replica version of Kili's sword from The Hobbit, it's a fantastic reproduction of the actual prop...
Morgul Blade Letter Opener Hobbit Prop Replica
£ 29.99
From our range of official Hobbit prop replicas comes this poisonous blade of the Nazgul recreated as a letter opener...
Pipe of Bilbo Baggins
£ 69.99
Whether you are a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit collector, a pipe smoker or looking to buy this Hobbit pipe of Bilbo...