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Film Memorabilia
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Hobbit Sting Sword - Bilbo Baggins Light Up Version

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Hobbit Sting Sword - Bilbo Baggins Light Up VersionThis official replica of Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Sting Sword is the Illuminating Battle Sword version. The ancient Elven blade was lost during the Fall of Gondolin and found by a Hobbit in a troll hoard centuries later. Named by the spiders of Mirkwood, many of whom felt it's sting. The weapon glowed blue in the presence of Orcs who much feared it's mystic provenance. This stainless steel Light up Sting sword does the same. Unlike the Sting seen in Lord of the Rings, this does not have the Sindarin script engraved on the cross guard or the blade.

We have a range of Hobbit Sting swords available from LARP rubber replicas ideal for recreating your favourite action scenes to our metal deluxe swords and weapons from the Hobbit movies.