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Film Memorabilia
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Hobbit Tauriel Bow and Arrow Replica

£ 319.99
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Hobbit Tauriel Bow and Arrow ReplicaOfficial Hobbit Tauriel's Bow and Arrow replica from the latest Tolkien movie. A Silvan Elf and daughter of Mirkwood, Tauriel is a favorite of King Thranduil and Captain of his Woodland Guard, she is an expert fighter and extremely fast and agile in battle.

Her signature weapons are twin daggers and a bow. The bow is a deadly accurate traditional recurve design used by the Woodland Guard, ornately carved with leaf motifs and hoof-shaped string nocks.

This is the United Cutlery’s replica that is crafted of steel-reinforced polyresin, with precise detailing and colors to exactly match the movie prop. It is presented with a poly stone wall mount featuring a graphic motif of Tauriel.

Bow Length: 121.92 cm
Arrow Length: 106.68 cm