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Hobbit Toys & Figures

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Exclusive Invisable Frodo POP
£ 15.99
We have a limited number of these exclusive invisible Frodo funko POPs from the Hobbit. These are a limited edition and...
Frodo Baggins Funko POP Figure
£ 11.99
We love Tolkien here at The Film Cell and the Hobbit and LOTR's Funkos has to be one of our favourite ranges. This awesome Frodo Baggins POP vinyl is now available from our online store. With more waves being announced grab this one before it gets vaulted.
Hobbit Matallic Smaug Golden Funko POP
£ 59.99
This is the limited edition Golden Smaug Funko POP that stands at 6inches tall. If you are a Hobbit fan and you collect...
Hobbit Samwise POP Vinyl Glow in the Dark
£ 12.99
Frodo's loyal companion Sam is now available as a Funko POP, if you have the rest of the Hobbit POPs in your collection you will need to make sure you add this Samwise Gamgee POP to your POP Wall. This popular funko is a glow in the dark version that stands at around 10cm tall.
Hobbit Sauron Funko POP Figure
£ 14.99
The Dark Lord Sauron is now available as a Funko POP figure, will Sauron be the end of Middle Earth. As long as there...
LOTR Balrog Funko POP Vinyl 6”
£ 19.99
This 6 Balrog Funko POP Vinyl figure from The Lord of the Rings is a great addition to any Tolkien collection. A new wave of LOTR POPs has just been announced and the ever expanding range of figures is becoming more sort after. Make sure you check our Smaug POP Vinyl that is also available in our store.
Smaug 6 Inch Funko POP from The Hobbit
£ 24.99
I am FIRE... This oversized Smaug Funko POP from the Hobbit will make a fantastic edition to your collection of Tolkien...