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How to Carve Elsa & Anna with our Frozen Pumpkin Carving Pintable Guide

Elsa Pumpkin Carving


Every year we create some fantastic movie themed pumpkin carving templates for our website visitors to download. This year is now exception and we have designed some fantastic pumpkin carving pintables for you to try out this October. Each of our templates gives you an easy to follow guide to creating the perfect pumpkin for your Halloween party. So letís kick off this yearís list of pumpkin carving templates with a Frozen theme.


Click the image below to download and print our handy free guide, lay the piece of A4 paper on top of the pumpkin and cut out the greyed out areas. This will then leave you with a really nice looking pumpkin to show off at your Halloween party this October. Look out for our other FREE Pumpkin Carving templates


Frozen Anna & Elsa Pumpkin Template

Frozen Pumpkin Stencil


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