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Inflatable R2D2 Remote Control

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Inflatable R2D2 Remote Control
  • Inflatable R2D2 Remote Control
  • Inflatable R2D2 Remote Control
From our range of official Star Wars gifts comes this inflatable 'Pump and Play’ R2D2 remote control toy. This super durable R2 unit stands at over 65cm in height when fully inflated.

The inflatable R2D2 comes complete with foot pump to help you blow up your Star Wars remote control quickly and without using a single breath. Ideal for both adults and kids this Star Wars gadget will blow your mind. With the ability to move the droid forward, backward, to the left, and to the right plus 360-degree spins just like in the movies.

R2 also comes complete with a handset, remote control drive unit and inflatable shell.

Great value for money as this is a jumbo sized remote control suitable for 3 years and above. Features include flexi rubber safety aerial and tri-band A,B,C.

There will be more characters in the 'Pump and Play' range including R5-D4 and our inflatable minion is already available watch this space...