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LOTR Gift Ideas

Know someone ehos birthday is coming up soon, do they collect movie memorabilia and love the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Then you have come to te right place, below you will find a huge list of products that have been categorised as gifts on our website from all three Lord of the Rings movies. We have items such as replica Sting letter openers to complete super deluxe chess sets for the most avid fan. Check out our entire range that we have available below and on the following pages.

We also have a massive range of Hobbit gifts and merchandise available some make sure you take a look at our other pages too as there are 100's of products based on Tolkien novels and featuring Middle Earth.
Arwen Evenstar Display
£ 26.99
A beautiful display created to showcase the Evenstar Pendant of Arwen. Crafted in wood and fine pewter with a clear...
Evenstar Arwen Necklace
£ 44.99
(-22.23%) £ 34.99
This Avenstar pendant is based on the actual necklace worn by Liv Tyler in the Lord of the Rings movies, made of this...
Gandalf the Grey Staff Pen & Bookmark Set
£ 9.99
The Staff of Gandalf the Grey recreated in this Pen and Bookmark set is a lovingly recreated replica of the staff used...
Gollum & Smeagol Pewter Bookends
£ 259.99
These exquisite sculpture bookends depict the dual personalities of one of the most complex characters from the Lord of...
Hobbit Bag End Map Key Holder
£ 54.99
This is a fantastic piece of Hobbit memorabilia which would take pride of place in any hall way, garage or Middle Earth...
King Theoden's Herugrim Letter Opener
£ 29.99
Authentic miniature reproduction. Approximately 9 inches in length. Comes complete with 10 x 3 1/2 inch box.
Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Goblet Set
£ 149.99
Back by popular demand you can now by this set of six Lord of the rings goblets created in the style of the drinking...
LOTR Chess Set
£ 449.99
This is a high end collectable piece of Lord of the rings merchandise. The LOTR chess set comes with 32 playing pieces...
Narsil Sword Letter Opener
£ 29.99
Authentic miniature reproduction measuring approximately 9 inches in length. Comes complete with a 10 x 3 1/2 inch box.
Return of the King 1 Crown Coin Isle of Man
£ 19.99
This presentation pack contains a legal tender Cupro Nickel 1 Crown coin, one of only 3,000 issued worldwide by the...
Sting Letter Opener
£ 29.99
Authentic miniature reproduction measuring approximately 7 and 1/2 inches in length. Comes complete with 10 x 3 1/2...
The Middle Earth jewellery Box Treasure Chest
£ 229.99
(-13.04%) £ 199.99
A beautiful jewellery box in the style of a Middle Earth tresure chest is inspired by all the beautiful designs of...
The Return Of The King 12 Character Package
£ 64.99
The final collection of 12 playing pieces from the third installment of the film trilogy. The Lord of the Rings? are...
The Staff Of Gandalf the Grey Candle Holder
£ 49.99
The top of Gandalf? the Grey's staff is recreated in cold cast porcelain as a beautiful candle votive holder. Measures...
The Staff of Saruman Candle Holder
£ 69.99
This solid metal die cast candle holder is inspired from the staff of the wizard Saruman. Stands 10 1/2 inches in...