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LOTR Jewellery

We have a large range of Lord of the Rings themed jewellery that makes an ideal gift for female fancy of this cinimatic blockbuster trilogy. If you are looking for something shiny for your loved one and she is a massive fan of Tolkien and this Lord of the Rings trilogy then there is really no better gift to choose. The LOTR jewelry features the famous elvish style necklaces and rings and we even have some really nice headdresses.
Arwen Evenstar Display
£ 26.99
A beautiful display created to showcase the Evenstar Pendant of Arwen. Crafted in wood and fine pewter with a clear...
Deluxe Lord of the Rings The One Ring
£ 99.99
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, And in the darkness bind them. The One...
Elven Star Lord of the Rings Necklace
£ 169.99
(-50.00%) £ 84.99
From The Lord of the Rings comes this sterling silver pendant of 1.2"/3 cm with six facetted crystals and a black onyx...
Evenstar Arwen Necklace
£ 44.99
(-22.23%) £ 34.99
This Avenstar pendant is based on the actual necklace worn by Liv Tyler in the Lord of the Rings movies, made of this...
Lord of the Rings Arwen Evenstar Pendant
£ 104.99
Arwen the Elven Princess ; known also to her people as Evenstar because of her unparalleled beauty ; is destined to...
Lord of the Rings Butterfly Necklace Arwen
£ 159.99
A replica version of the ladies necklace as worn by Liv Tyler in the Lord of the Rings movies. This Arwen butterfly...
Lord of the Rings Charm Bracelet
£ 129.99
Another of our sterling silver bracelets created with a link chain and finished with a sword clasp to fasten the...
Lord of the Rings Elven Charm Pendant
£ 59.99
(-16.67%) £ 49.99
Crafted in sterling silver with a fine etching of Elvish script. Complete with 18 inch leather chain. Charm measures...
Lord of the Rings Elven Leaf Brooch
£ 79.99
An exact reproduction of the leaf brooch worn by the members of the Fellowship of the Ring from the movie trilogy The...
Lord of the Rings Evenstar Charm Bracelet
£ 99.99
Made from sterling silver and using european crystals this Evenstar charm bracelet makes a fantastic gift for any Lord...
Lord of the Rings Evenstar Earrings
£ 99.99
Crafted in sterling silver ; measure 1 1/2 inches in length.
Lord of the Rings Galadriel's Necklace
£ 199.99
Reproduced in stunning detail out of solid sterling silver and set with fine European crystals.
Lord of the Rings ONE RING Spinning
£ 64.99
Our new spinning One Rings are also made of anodised stainless steel and feature an outer coloured band that allows the...
Mini Evenstar Pendant
£ 89.99
(-13.33%) £ 77.99
An exact miniature replica of the Evenstar pendant measuring 1 3/4 inches in length. Made of sterling silver and...
ONE RING Stainless Steel
£ 52.99
We are proud to offer our new anodized stainless steel One Rings in a variety colours. Each ring features a laser...