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Our top 10 Harry Potter Wands Replicas from the Movies

Here at The Film Cell we sell well over 50 different character wands from the Harry Potter movie series, there are so many great collectable replicas. It got us thinking, which would be our top ten? So we created a list and sent it around the office and we got everyone’s opinion (there are some serious Harry Potter fans in the office so this wasn’t an easy task). We wanted to create a list that also included some of the fantastic collector’s sets that are perfect for displaying in and around you home. Keep reading to see what the outcome was and let us know if you agree with the results of our office discussion below.


Harry Potter Wands starting from 10th to 1st Place


10th place - Fleur Delacour Wand from the Triwizard Set
The Triwizard wand set has to feature in our top ten list of Harry Potter wand replicas and collectables, but we struggled with what wand would feature in 10th place. Harry’s is ruled out as it features higher up in our list, but the other 3 wands look great they could have all feature in the top 10. But we only wanted to pick one… In the end it came down to looks, and we went for Fleur Delacour’s wands.


Triwizard Wand Set


9th place - Umbridge Wand & Display
To start our top ten off we have one of the most hated ladies in the entire Harry Potter series, the very pink and very evil Professor Umbridge wand. This wand is one of the shortest we have available and comes with a really nice pink display plaque so you can hang this on the wall.


Umbride Wand


8th place - Ron Weasley Wand in Ollivander's Box
Ron Weasley’s wand caused him and most of his friend’s loads of hassle in the second book and movie, for this reason Ron’s wand is in 8th place. It’s not the best looking wand by far but if you are trying top collect the top characters then you have to have Ron Weasley’s wand in your collection. 


Ron Weasley Wand


7th place - Lucius Malfoy Wand & Cane
Theoretically speaking the Lucius Malfoy’s snake wand is actually a cane or walking stick but the wand that comes as part of the cane is so good that we have to place this in 7th position.


Lucius Malfoy Cane & Wand


6th place - Bellatrix Wand & Display
Every top 10 list would have to include a Bellatrix Wand so we have added this is 6th position. There are 2 different versions available but there is only one that would warrant being in our top ten and that is the curved movie version with display plaque.


Bellatrix Lestrange Wand


5th place - Weasley Wand Set
We are over half way there, we had such a hard time choosing between Fred and George Weasley’s wand that we thought 5th place would go to them both. Each of these wands is only available as part of this set and are not available to order individually which in our opinion makes them extra special. We think you’ll agree that this display piece looks fabulous and well deserves the 5th spot.


Weasley Wand Set


4th place - Voldemort Light-up Wand
The wand to take the 4th place spot is Voldemort’s, our favourite version has to be the light-up version. Why, because this comes with a full colour packaging and with a simple wave the tip of the replica wand lights up.


Voldemort Light Up Wand


3rd place - Hermione's Wand from the Dumbledore Army Set
Next up we have Hermione’s wand, this is available individually as well as part of one of our many collectors sets. One of the best sets we have has to be the Dumbledore’s Army set and as Hermione’s wand comes as 1 of 6 we have place this in third position.


Dumbledore Army Wand Set


2nd place - Harry Potter Remote
In second place it has to be Harry Potter’s wand, without whom we would not even being writing this blog. There are so many versions of Harry’s wand, ones that light-up, a version that is a pen, Harry’s wand is even in the Triwizard wand set as well as the Dumbledore Army collection. But we had to choose one that would take this second spot, and that one had to be the remote control version. If you have heard about this wand before this can control multiple devices such as mp3 players, TV’s and DVD players. With the swish of the hand you can change the channel, turn up the volume of your iPod and fast forward to your favourite Harry Potter scene.


Harry Potter Wand Remote


1st place - Deluxe Dumbldore's Elderwand in Bronze
The wand to take 1st place has to be Dumbledore’s wand, also known as the Elderwand, the ultimate wand of power. The Elderwand is also one of the 3 deathly Hallows, so there was no arguments. Dumbledore’s wand has to be placed at the top of our list. Being the most powerful weapon in the world of Harry Potter we had to go for the super deluxe bronze version. So there it is, our winning replica is the Deluxe version of Dumbledore’s wand in bronze with luxury display cabinet.


Dumbldore Elder Wand Bronze

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