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Star Wars Max Rebo Mini Bust Statue

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Star Wars Max Rebo Mini Bust StatueOne of or favourite vintage Star Wars figure sets was the Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo band. Now you can get these highly collectable statues in this mini bust format.

The leader of the legendary band, this Ortolan musician was born Siiruulian Phantele. After working as a musician in a flanth house for years, young Siiruulian was finally given his big break by an ambitious talent agent. Joined by Sy Snootles and Droopy McCool, the Max Rebo Band was born! Little did they know that their first contract would include lifelong indentured service to the nefarious gangster, Jabba the Hutt. Oops. Only when Jabba was killed by Princess Leia Organa were the members of the band free to tour the galaxy again.

Now you can confine the band to your own palace as well! The Max Rebo Mini Bust features the famous musician seated in his signature Red Ball Organ. Digitally sculpted and hand painted, this limited edition mini bust comes individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity.