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The Funko POP Market UK Facebook Group

There's a new Facebook Funko group in town

We have just launched a new Facebook group which is devoted to Funko POP collectors, fans and people who are looking to sell their personal collection. Itís a great place to discuss, trade, sell, buy and extend your collection. Whatís the name of this fabulous group we have created I hear you cry, The Funko POP Market UK 

Funko POP UK Facebook Group

We have created this group because we had so many new Funko POP figures, offers and posts that it started to take over our corporate Facebook page. Weíve created one central location where you can all join in and discuss whatís new in the world of Funko. There is so much going on that itís hard to keep up to date with everything, our group has only be open for a few days and already has over 250 members. Some of which have been collecting for years others are quite new to collecting and are just finding out how addictive these collectable figures and bobbleheads really are.

Itís a great place if you are looking to buy cheap pops as well as exclusives. Sometimes we get very few exclusives in stock it isnít worth us uploading and creating a page on our site to take it down a day or so later, so these get posted in this group. We offer some great prices too only advertised by us in this page, to keep you guys coming back for more. After we hit 250 members in just a few days we released our first offer, an exclusive clear Predator for just £10.

And itís not just us that offer the brand new range of Funko POPs, there are often people selling their personal collection including some really rare items that have now been retired or San Diego Comic Con exclusives from the past few years. You will find rarer chase figures that are not always easy to find anywhere else, especially without paying the Earth for them.

We also introduce any new Funko lines including the newly released Dorbz, Idolz, Mopeez, Fabrikation, Blox, FunkoVision and Funko Force.

So, whether you are an inbox collector or out of box collector, new to collecting or long term fan, you need to check out what this group has to offer. As you can see itís well worth becoming a member at what have you got to lose?

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