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Top 5 Star Wars Camping Accesories for Summer Holidays

Summer is almost upon us and the good weather has already started. Have you booked your holiday for this year yet? Are you just thinking about where you might be going? Well if you are thinking of a camping holiday this and you are a big Star Wars fan you will want to read this blog. We have pulled together our top 5 list of the ultimate Star Wars camping accessories that you will need to take with you. So all you need to worry about is remembering the tent pegs!


First up we have the Star Wars onesie, you are going to need some sort of adult PJ's and a onesie is ideal for those cold summer nights especially when you need to nip out to the shower blocks. Heck you can even sit around the fire while toasting marshmallows while putting the world to rights. There are also loads of different characters to choose from, so whether you are Boba Fett fan or you prefer R2-D2 we have the onesies you are looking for.


Boba Fett Onesie


Our second must have camping holiday accessory is the Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ tongs, the BBQ is an essential part of a summer camping holiday. You will get your money worth from these lightsaber tongs, as long as the weather keeps up for you. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian you can turn over your steak, burgers, sausages or vegetable kebabs in style and be the envy of every camper in sight. The tongs even have the lightsaber sound FX!!


Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs


Next up we have the Stormtrooper mood light, its not easy to see where you are going or who you are standing on when on a camping holiday. So you will need some sort of light, if you don't have a pitch with electric you are going to need something battery operated, this is where our Star Wars mood lights can help. Our Stormtrooper mood light is bright enough to light your way but isn't going to wake everyone up when you switch it on.

Stormtrooper Mood Light


You finally arrive at the campsite, you are on holiday, but there is still the task of putting up the tent. Make sure the first thing you find is your Star Wars Boba Fett bottle opener, you are going to need a drink while taking on the task or erecting your tent. Make sure this is the last thing you pack so it's the first thing you find when you arrive. When the sun is out there is nothing better than a nice cold one.


Boba Fett Bottle Opener


Finally you are going to need a torch for those late night toilet visits, we have the perfect accessory. Our Star Wars lightsaber torch is created in the style of Anakin Skywalker’s hilt, when the button is pressed a blue light is produced. So you can now avoid pot holes and humps in the ground.



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