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Top 8 Hobbit Battle of 5 Armies Prop Replicas

So you have probably gotten around to seeing the last instalment of the Hobbit franchise by now, what did you think? It seems that some Tolkien fans were happy with the outcome while others think it should never have been split into 3 movies. We donít want to spoil anything for those who havenít seen it so we are not about to review the movie. However we thought it would be a nice idea to review some of the merchandise that feature in The Hobbit Battle of 5 Armies.

We have pulled together our top 8 prop replicas to feature in the movie below with a short description of each. There are loads more products available on our website from all 3 Hobbit movies as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy but here our The Film Cellís favourite.

Galadriel Headdress

One of the finest Hobbit prop replicas to feature in the movie trilogy is the Headdress of Galadriel with itís elvish leave style pattern, it also comes complete with blue cushion to display.

Dwarven Coin Set

This Dwarven coin set features 5 coins from the treasure hoard beneath the lonely mountain, as guarded by Smaug. Each coin can be removed from the collectors box for further inspection but can only be used as legal tender in Middle Earth.

Kili Dwarf Sword

Kiliís Dwarven sword has to appear in our top 8, measuring 72cm this Hobbit sword features a solid stainless AUS-6 steel blade, solid metal and hard acrylic handle with leather wrapped hilt parts. Authentically "agedĒ and "battle wornĒ with a distressed look and feels like you own the real movie prop.

Hobbit One Ring

The One Ring from the Hobbit is an authentic prop replica the magic ring found by Bilbo Baggins in the first instalment of the movie trilogy. This is before it is left to Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and before the elvish script is found running around the outside.

Middle Earth Map

Next up we have the Map of the Lonely Mountain, which Bilbo uses in the latest movie and stores in his memory box.

Hobbit Sting Sword

Possibly the most popular of our Hobbit and Lord of the Rings swords is Sting, the sword given to  Bilbo Baggins that lights up in the movie when Orcs are close.

Buy Gandalf Staff

No wizard is complete without his trusty staff, this full size replica of Gandalf's Staff is the illuminating version from Noble. At over 5 feet in height this is a full size prop replica, the crystal at the top of the staff also lights up.

Arkenstone Replica

The Arkenstone, AKA the 'Heart of the Mountainí is now available in a necklace form. This stone can send dwarves mad but has no effect on humans fortunately.

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