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TV Funko POP Figures

The range of TV Funko pop figures is always increasing with every TV series there seems to be a new wave of figures. In this section you will fina all the latest Funko POP figures we have in stock and also some vault ones that are no longer available. But hurry, these discountinued POPs won't hang around long. once these sell out we can't get any more.
Big Bang Theory - Leonard Hofstadter POP
£ 49.99
This Leonard Hofstadter POP from the Big Bang Theory is now discontinued and has been placed in the Funko vault, this means they will not be making any more of these. We have a few of these left but once these are sold out they are gone for good. The price of these POPs are creeping up so get yourself one of these before they shoot up in value.
Black Power Ranger POP
£ 11.99
From the original Power Ranger sereies comes this black Power Rangers POP, this awesome Funko POP stands at around 10cm tall and comes with full colour display packing.
Dr Who 11th Doctor in Space Suit POP
£ 16.99
The 11th Doctor Matt Smith is now available in this exclusive space suit variant of the Funko POP, this POP is limited to around 3000 so not many of these are left. Get this one while we still have stock.

Stands at approximately 3.75" inches tall. Window boxed.
Dr Who 12th Doctor POP Vinyl Figure
£ 14.99
Funko have now released the long awaited series of Doctor Who Funko POP's, these are a highly collectable piece of Dr Who memorabilia. Our Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor POP vinyl figure comes in a displayable window packaging and stands approx. 10 cm tall. There are loads more to collect too, this looks great next to the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and other Doctors. There is even a oversized Tardis in the range so make sure you take a look at this too.

Take a look at our other collectable vinyl figures from Funko, more to come later this year. Watch this space... 

DragonBall Z - Goku Black Hair Exclusive POP
£ 19.99
A DragonBall Z exclusive Goku with black hair Funko POP, this awesome figure stands at 10cm tall.
GOT Cersei Lannister Funko POP
£ 11.99
From the popular TV show Game of Thrones comes this Cersei Lannister Funko POP Vinyl

Stands at approximately 3.75" inches tall. Window boxed.
Jessie Spano Saved by the Bell POP Vinyl
£ 11.99
From Saved by the Bell comes this Jessie Spano Funko POP that stands at approx 10cm tall.
Marvel Agent Coulson Funko POP
£ 10.99
From Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comes this Agent Coulson Funko POP Figure, this POP Vinyl stands at approx 10cm.
Peppermint Patty POP from Emerald City 2017
£ 24.99
We have a very limited number of these exclusive Peppermint Patty POP from Emerald City 2017 left, get in quick if you want one of these.
Pink Power Ranger POP
£ 11.99
From Power Rangers the classic TV series comes this pink Power Ranger POP, there is a metallic version of this POP available also. We do have other Power Rangers POPs in stock so check out our other POPs.
Scooby Doo - Speciality Series Scooby Dum POP
£ 15.99
From the Funko speciality series comes this Scooby Dum POP, there are also a number of other Scooby Doo POPs on the website so make sure you check those out to.
Sesame Street - Speciality Herry Monster POP
£ 15.99
This Herry Monster POP from Sesame Street is one of Funko's speciality series figures, this POP vinyl standas at around 10cm tall.
Speciality Series - Exclusive Man at Arms POP Vinyl
£ 15.99
ThIs Exclusive Man at Arms POP Vinyl comes from the Masters of the Universe range of Funko POP figures. Man-At-Arms is actually named Duncan, Along with Adam, Skeletor and Teela, Duncan is one of the cartoons smost used characters in the TV series. The Masters of the Universe POPs have become very sort after which is why Funko have probably created this awesome limited edition Man at Arms figure as part of their Speciality Series.
Turtles Leatherhead POP Vinyl from Funko's Speciality Series
£ 15.99
This fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is now available as a POP vinyl, Leatherhead original escaped from a pet shop and was experimented and mutated into a humanoid. From Funko's Speciality Series this Leatherhead POP vinyl figure is a limited edition. Once these sell out we won't get them in again.
Vaulted American Horror Story Cordelia Foxx POP
£ 24.99
This American Horror Story Cordelia Foxx POP is now vaulted so Funko will not be making any more of these figures.