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US Con Exclusive Funko POPs

In this section of our website you will find any of the shared US Comic Con exclusives we still have available in our store. So if you are looking for previous exclsuives from New York Comic Con or SDCC this is the best place to find them. We also have stock from Emerald City Comic Con and a few others so make sure you scroll through all the pages to see the full list of exclusive POP figures.

We only get a limited amount of these exclusive figures so once they are gone they are gone for good.
Adam Bomb Metallic NYCC Toy Tokyo Exclusive
£ 34.99
This amazing Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb Gunko POP is the New York Comic Con exclusive, featuring the Toy Tokyo sticker this POP is limited to just 3000 world wide. We have very limited stock so if interested get in quick as these will sell out fast. Once these have gone we won’t be getting any more of these in. 

Features Toy Tokyo exc sticker

Baxter Stockman Exclusive Funko POP
£ 19.99
Here we have an exclusive Baxter Stockman Funko POP released for the 2017 San Diego Comi Con, we managed to get a limited amount of these in stock once they are gone we won't be able to reorder these so get one while you can.
Captain America SDCC 17 Exclusive POP Vinyl
£ 19.99

From the range of San Diego shared exclusives for 2017 comes this Captain America Bucky Funko POP. This is a Comic...
Disney Cars - Mater Funko POP NYCC Exclusive
£ 49.99
From Disney's Cars comes the New York Comic Con exclusive Mater Funko POP Figure, this viynl figure comes complete with...
Emerald Crusader Funko POP
£ 34.99
From Emerald City Comic Con 2017 comes this exclustive Glow in the Dark Crusader Funko POP, the figure was available for a limited time only after the comic con as a convention exclusive. This POP stands at approx 10cm tall.
Exclusive SDCC Musashi Funko POP
£ 19.99
Another one of our summer convention exclusives from 2017 is this awesome Musashi POP vinyl from Westworld. This figure features the SCE sticker and stands at around 10cm tall.
Exclusive Shock Trooper Funko POP
£ 59.99
This Galactic Convention Shock trooper POP was an exclusive from the 2015 Star Wars Celebration comic con, we still have a limited stock of these available but once these sell out we won't be able to get any more so if you don't already have this in your collection make sure you order your's today.
NYCC Behemoth Funko POP
£ 24.99
This is the exclusive Behemoth Funko POP released at New York Comic Con in 2016, the Nightmere Before Christmas range of POPs is awesome and one of our favourite ranges here at The Film Cell. Other characters from the range include, various Jack Skellington, Sally the the rare vaulted Mayor POP. Why not try and collect them all.
NYCC Catbug Glow in the Dark POP
£ 29.99
Catbug is a main character from the YouTube series Bravest Warriors, this animated American show was created by Pendleton Ward. This is the NYCC shared exclusive is the orange version that is a glow in the dark variant. 
NYCC Dr Who 10th Doctor in Space Suit
£ 39.99
This NYCC Dr Who 10th Doctor POP is a New York Comic Con exclsuive that was limted to 2000 pieces, we have a very limited amount of these in stock so if you want one of these POPs make sure you place your order quickly.
NYCC Exclusive Lyanna Funko POP - Game of Thrones
£ 29.99
Another one of our New York Comic Con shared exclusives POPs, this Lyanna Mormont Funko POP Vinyl is very limited and only a few were made for NYCC. Get this Game of Thrones figure while you can...
NYCC Exclusive Metalic Tie Fighter Funko POP
£ 19.99
Another one of our US comic convention exclusives, this NYCC Tie Fighter Funko POP is the chrome metalic version featuring the shared exclusive sticker from 2015.

We have a huge amount of Star Wars themed POPs available so make sure you check out the rest of our website to view all the latest stock.
NYCC Glow in the Dark Wolfman POP
£ 39.99
This exclusive New York Comic Con variant of the Wolfman POP is a glow in the dark limited edition. We have a number of US comic Con exclusive figures on our site.
NYCC Kratos Funko POP
£ 29.99
From the 2015 New York Comic Con comes this Poseidon's Rage Kratos Funko POP, we only have a limited amount of these left, these were available in limited numbers back in 2015 so make sure you buy one of these quick if interested as they won't be around for long.

The NYCC Kratos POP stands at approx 10cm tall.
NYCC Old Man Logan POP Vinyl
£ 24.99
From the range of New York Comic con shared exclusives for 2017 comes this Old Man Logan Funko POP. This is a Comic Con exclusive and is only available while stocks last so get in quick, part of the 3.75 inch tall range and comes in collectable full colour packaging with a window, ideal for displaying!

POP! figures are highly collectable, once you buy one you'll want to get them all.